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Terms & Conditions
There is no set price to build or paint a model, all prices differ due to the size, scheme and finish. You will need to supply manuals /instructions (PDF format) which will need to be emailed to pinnacle for reviewing prior to a build estimate being given.

Building a composite kit
The build cost is for the basic build, this will exclude any customer additional requirements i.e. smoke, lights etc. It includes Radio and engine installation (turbine or radial, single cylinder engines will be cheaper).
Basic wood installation is also included in the build cost. Radio installation includes the installation of up to 12 servos, powerbox, batteries and air valves. Engine installation includes engine, ECU, pump, valves and ECU battery.
Additional customer requirements need to be specified at first contact with Pinnacle. Once the price has been agreed and the spec of the build agreed there will be no change during the build.

Having a model painted
Included in the price of the painting are all the paints and clear coat. Clear coating is recommended to seal and protect the paint. Models that are pre primered are unacceptable, the model needs to be in its raw fibre glass finish or factory paint scheme. If water slide decals are required we recommend taylor made decals from Germany, these will need to be supplied by the customer. Due to the amount of work involved in painting a model in any scheme time schedules may vary.

Weathered models
All weathering materials are included in the cost of the weathering, there are three types of weathering, light, medium and heavy. Light means that panel lines are visible, medium means the same as light but with light dirt and grease leaking from panels, hinges etc. heavy weathering means its in a real state, dirt, grime, grease, rust and faded paint.

Rivets and panel lines
An option from pinnacle is to detail a sports model to make it look scale. Here at pinnacle we add panel lines and rivets to your sports model to give it that realistic look and after weathering a model that will turn heads.

Once we have decided on the scheme or just the build there will be a requirement for a £100 non-refundable deposited to book your slot. This will be taken off the final cost of the build or paint scheme. When the model is either picked up, delivered or handed over 50% of the final fee will be required with the final 50% when the model is completed and handed over.

Here at pinnacle we pride ourselves on top quality and head turning models and I hope we can do business.

Philip Noel
Pinnacle Aviation
Tel: +44 (0) 7702 023936